Comparing Social Media Tools

What industry are you in? What Social Media (“SM”) tools do you use in your business? Do you know the differences between the various SM tools currently available?

It seems like there are endless SM tools you can choose from to promote your business and/or “socialize” with your target market. Understanding the key differences between the current leading SM tools is key if you want to use these tools in a successful manner. Below are two images I found in some of my research in this topic:





The images above provide some key facts and differences between the current leading SM tools. If history has taught us anything, it is that leading SM tools come and go. (Curtis, 2013) So, while this information is important, it is even more important to keep a figure on the pulse of SM trends.

Additionally, it is also important to choose the SM tools that are 1) most applicable to your industry and 2) most applicable to the target market you are trying to market to.

Based on the size of market you want to market to, the demographics (i.e. age, sex, household income, etc.) some tools may be better to use than others (e.g. if you are wanting to target more of the female demographic, you may consider Pinterest, if you want to aim to market to specific groups, you may prefer to use Google+ that has “social circles”, if you are looking for more of a visual SM tool, you may consider Instagram). Since each tool has unique attributes and attract different users, using a number of tools together (i.e. a portfolio of SM tools) might make most sense.

In future posts we will discuss which tools are most applicable to the hospitality industry (including hotels and restaurants) and how best to use them.

Please share your thoughts on:

  1. What industries you work in?
  2. What SM tools you tend to use most and why?


Dr. Curtis, Anthony (2013). The Brief history of Social Media. Retrieved on July 12, 2014 from


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